Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church – Turbotville, PA

Church History

History Of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Turbotville

Year Description
1807 Church was built as a Union Church for both Lutherans and the German Reformed faiths. It was a log structure on the site of the present Holy Spirit Lutheran Church.
1853 A dispute between the Lutherans and the Reformed members arose while a new structure was being built. Before the Union Church was erected, a fire destroyed both the “new” and the “old” church. This caused the separation of the Lutheran Churches.
1856 The building located on Paradise Street, at a cost of $1600.00, was erected. The land was presented by Mr. Samuel Menges, Sr. who was an ancestor of many generations of the Menges family today.
1893 Two Sunday School rooms were added.
1895-1977 A Parsonage was built on a lot adjoining the church property.
1907 Stained glass memorial windows were installed and are still in use today.
1910 New pews and gas lighting were added.
1916 Electric lights, a new furnace and carpeting were added.
1953-1980 An electric organ ($11,000.00) replaced the old pipe organ.
1964 An educational building was constructed for approximately $125,000.00. This addition also provided Zion with a modern kitchen, the first indoor plumbing and a fellowship hall.
1967 Realizing that the original building had served its purpose and additional seating capacity was needed, the church was once again renovated both inside and out.
1980 A new electronic organ ($51,000.00) replaced the old organ.
1984 A chairlift was added to access the basement area.
1987 A church steeple was erected (proposed by the Janet Hause family and in honor of Pastor and Mrs. Flower).
1992 A stained glass window was added above the church’s main entrance door, in memory of Carol Benfer.
1992 A second story was added to the church to provide additional Sunday School classrooms. An elevator was added to replace the outdated chairlift and air conditioning was added.
1999 A modern sound system was installed in the church sanctuary also extending into the fellowship hall and lobby area.
2000 Air conditioning was extended to the newly constructed second floor.
2001 The parking lot was paved.
2002 A picnic pavilion was added adjacent to the church.
2002 Stained glass windows were added on both sides of the main entrance doors in memory of Megan Raup.