Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church – Turbotville, PA

Staff History

History Of Zion Staff

Year Person/Postion
1846-1859 Rev. S.R. Boyer
1859-1866 Rev. John Hacob Albert
1867-1876 Rev. Jacob F. Wampole
1876-1891 Rev. Asher Parmenio Pflueger
1891-1901 Rev. Edwin H. Eberts
1901-1908 Rev. William Henry B. Roth
1909-1918 Rev. Wayne Zern Artz
1919-1926 Rev. Harry Jacob Billow
1927-1970 Rev. Russell Aller Flower
1962-1966 Mrs. Barbara Wesner was hired as the first part-time Zion secretary.
1972-1976 Rev. E. Gordon Ross
1977-1980 Rev. Deane S. Shively
1979-1980 The first full-time Director of Music and Christian Education was filled by Mr. Donn Clarius. This position only lasted one year due to budget cuts.
1981-2004 Rev. A. Bruce Amme
1984-Present Zion secretary position is full-time.
1994-Present Cathy Kelley serving as full-time secretary
2002-2004 Kathleen Osborn was hired as the first full-time Pastor’s Assistant.
2005-Present Michael Yohn was hired as organist.
2005-Present Rev. Erwin Roux
2013-Present Rev. Steven Middernacht was hired as Minister of Music